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Boat Races

In the festival months of August and September, the rivers in and near Kottayam are turned into festival centres. In the Kumarakom Boat Race, conducted at Kavanar and Kottathodu rivers, about 50 types of boats, viz. Veppu, Ody, Churulan and few Snake Boats participate.


Erumeli Pettathullal

Erumeli is situated about 60 kms. away from Kottayam town, it is the biggest pilgrim centre in the district. There is an ancient temple where 'Sridharma Sastha' is the presiding deity. There is also an ancient mosque dedicated to Vavar who is considered to be the friend of Lord Ayyappa.During the Mandala and Makaravilakku seasons lakhs of pilgrims arrive here on their way to Sabarimalai. Erumeli is famous for Pettathullal. Before the devotees start Pettathullal they offer Prayers at the mosque of Vavar. Thus Erumeli displays a very colourful picture of Hindu-Muslim religious harmony and co-operation

As the sun sets, the call for the Maghrib prayers are heard from the mosques and the fast is broken. It is called "Iftar". The fast is broken sipping water, a few dates and some fruits. The food eaten as Iftar is called Iftari and special delicacies like fried cornflower, boiled grams and lentils, meat kebabs and sweet meats are taken. Thus the 29 or 30 days of the month of Ramzan pass and the sighting of the new moon brings glad tidings of Eid-ul-fitr and the end of the month of Ramzan.


Nearby town, Vaikom, has a Siva temple where two Ashtami festivals are held annually, one in Kumbham (February-March) and the other in Vrischikom (November-December) of which latter is more famous. The celebrations last for 12 days and end with 'Arat',bathing the idol in river near the Subrahmanya temple at Udayanapuram on the day after Ashtami. The 'Panchavadyam' is an attractive item of the festival.'Prathal' is the main'Vazhipadu' here. At Vaikom temple there is a school, teaching temple arts known as 'Kshethrakalapeedhom'


Ettumannoor, 12 Km. away from Kottayam town on the Main Central Road towards south, is famous for the 'Mahadeva' temple. "Seven-and-half golden elephants" - 7 large ones and a small one- of this temple is famous. These elephants were offered with devotion to the Lord by Karthikathirunal Maharaja of Travancore. The festival here is in Kumbham (February-March). On the 8th day of the festival the Lord of the temple is taken out in procession on these golden elephants, which event attracts thousands of devotees.

Puthuppalli Chandanakkudam

At Changanacherry there are two famous mosques; Pazhayapalli and Puthrupalli. The Pazhayapalli is said to be more than 1000 years old and it is constructed at the site which was donated by a king of Rhekkumkur. A Bhagavathi temple and a catholic church are situated in the neioghbourhood of this mosque, bearing testimony to the religious unity among the local people. The Puthurpalli is about 400 years old. The Chandanakkudam (Pot containing Sandal Paste) festival is celebrated by the followers of different religions. For more details visit. www.changanachery.com a worldviewer.com/kerala.com site. .

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